think tank for human beings in general

a split chapbook of poetry by jordan castro and richard wehrenberg jr

*nine poems from each author
*cardstock cover, "better than" copy paper pages, hand-folded/assembled
*1st edition of 100 copies self-published (november 14th, 2009)
*2nd edition of 82 copies self-published (june 14th, 2010)
*3rd edition of [?] copies self-published (july 31st, 2012)

now available for $3 ppd


"what 'achieving minor celebrity status' means"

"this morning i worried about my face, among other things"

"excuse me"


jordan analyzes some of his poems

"a list of things i am going to do"



"seems like a high quality creation to me." - mallory whitten

"I felt temporarily relieved of depression / more energetic and connected
to other people...seems very funny and with lots of psychological insight." - chris moran

"The poems create a vague feeling of serenity and calmness,
as unusual as they are. And it absolutely works." - the broad set writing collective

"nothing less than a 'tour de force'" - evan swenson

"a handsome volume." - zachary german

"I recommend this poetry collection to depressed people everywhere" - romantic rhetoric

"Overall, I enjoyed the chapbook." - pop serial

"Jordan's poems are...very strong and provide the reader with vivid imagery
and thoughtful points to consider....Richard's poems...were like the first
time I read Dostoevsky or Richard Wright; they were 'unassuming on
the outside' but contained meaningful statements about humanity
and life inside." - brett gallagher

"the aesthetic is not like a manifesto calling for 'revolution!'
but an individual saying 'damn' or 'wtf' repeatedly" - steve roggenbuck

"The poems tread the line between earnest and sarcastic,
more often being the former...a likeable collection featuring
two distinct personalities. At $3 direct from the writers,
this chapbook is a steal, and offers more to think about than
anything else available for that price." - dan tarnowski

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